Beyond Collograph and Drypoint

Printmaking workshop, 22 – 23 Jan 2022, Waikato Society of Arts, Artspost, Hamilton

Beyond collagraph and drypoint into 3-D construction – a two-day workshop introducing water-based intaglio printmaking methods, and exploring unglazed display ideas, including 3-dimensional assemblage: boxes, cubes, screens and books.

Gallery Six

Pop-up exhibition space, 15 Dec 2021 – ongoing, Kapanga Road, Coromandel

I am part of a group of six local painters who’ve set up a pop-up exhibition space over the busy summer period in Coromandel town.

Experiment #9 (Reflections)

Members exhibition, 6 Aug – 31 Oct 2021, Waikato Society of Art (WSA), Artspost, Hamilton

The annual exhibition by members of the WSA.

A5 Sketchbook

50 Reasons exhibition, 16 July – 8 August 2021, Upstairs Gallery, Titirangi

A visual diary exhibition by artists around New Zealand.

I had just a few weeks to complete the sketchbook, but it became part of my daily practice and filled up with thoughts, ideas, sketches and collages, loosely themed around the sea and map-making.

1/36 Views of Te Wai o Taiki

Estuary Art and Ecology Awards exhibition, 3 July – 28 August 2021, Uxbridge Centre, Howick

The only contemporary Art Awards in Aotearoa with ecology at the core. Artists were invited to research and respond to the Tāmaki Estuary, to underscore the ecological value of this vital waterway and encourage action against its pollution, with intelligent and innovative responses.

This work, 1/36 Views of Te Wai o Taiki, a graphic drawing explores whether the subject matter of a work needs to be centre stage in order to make its presence felt.

Hokusai’s Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, and Laurence Aberhart’s Taranaki series were also inspirations; this is a record of one of my interactions with the estuary now. I was pleased that from Highbrook Park I was able to include a distant view of Maungarei – Mount Wellington.

Francis McWhannell was the judge this year and included my work in an exhibition of long-listed work.

For every bird there is this last migration

Through the Eyes of Angels exhibition, 14-23 May 2021, Hauraki House Gallery, Coromandel

I was inspired to do this drawing as a response to visits to the Tamaki estuary, conversations with Keith Woodley at Pūkorokoro Shorebird Centre and Dr. Kate James, Coromandel environmental scientist and also by reading Death of a Bird by A. D. Hope. Here is the first stanza.

For every bird there is this last migration;
Once more the cooling year kindles her heart;
With a warm passage to the summer station
Love pricks the course in lights across the chart.


This is part of my on-going work into the health and significance of Te Tikapa Moana (the Hauraki Gulf) for the people and animals that call it home. Living next to it, I am aware it faces environmental challenges as the demand on its resources grow. Whilst from my Coromandel town side it looks pristine, other perspectives offer a counter-view. I am beginning to understand that you can’t look at one natural place without tying it into a wider context. For example, for migrating godwits, Te Tipaka Moana is one point on a long and arduous journey that links Aotearoa to Alaska.

The drawing is intricate and ephemeral, much like the bird it depicts; I used graphite on semi-transparent paper. To enhance this idea, the work was displayed suspended and unframed.

pARTner Up

pARTner Up was a 9-month mentoring programme that I was involved in in 2020/2021, with New Zealand sculptor, jeweller and carver, Chris Charteris (as my mentor) organised by He Mana Toi Moehau Trust/Creative Coromandel and funded by Creative New Zealand.

Here is some of the work that I’ve made; most of these works are 1220 x 1220mm (or approx. 47 inches) square on board. I use a medium that I make myself using shellac and mixing it with various water-based materials and pigments.

He Mana Toi Moehau Trust – Creative Coromandel put together this short film which captures the stories of the creatives who were mentored in pARTner Up, their motivations for engaging in the programme and what’s next for them in their creative journey – all filmed by the artists themselves.

Featuring interviews from: Tyler Downey, Charlotte McDougall, Jackie Francis, Deborah Hide-Bayne, Heather Watt, Amy Rogers, Elisabeth Carter.



Flourish was the exhibition held as the culmination of the pARTner Up arts mentoring programme. The exhibition was a group show of work by all the mentees involved, held at Hauraki House Gallery, Coromandel, on Sat 21 and Sun 22 March 2021. It was curated by myself and John Eaglen.

Here is a short movie walk around that I made.

18,500 km

My COVID-19 lock-down project was to sort through boxes of personal memorabilia and collage materials that I had brought with me from the UK.

I found photos I’d taken as aide-memoires for painting projects; however, when I looked at the photos again, I realised that they hadn’t really captured the essence of what interested me about the composition, which was frustrating, both then and now. I started to paint directly on top of the photos.

The resulting works were intriguing but tiny, so some of them I enlarged using a scanner and then carried on painting on top of the scan to see how far I could push the painting whilst still keeping elements in balance or tension with each other. I used loose mark-making, looking at each section of the work as an abstract painting in its own right.

Mihi in a suitcase

This work was made for a themed exhibition called, ‘Where am I a local?’ I have been collecting suitcases for a while and also thinking about what we bring with us (and leave behind) as immigrants – what physical objects, what connections and what emotional ties. My simple mihi and those ideas came together in this piece of work.

The One that Got Away

This work was inspired by realising how much plastic waste is in our oceans and how recreational fishing is one of the main activities in the Tikapa Moana – Hauraki Gulf. If we wish to keep enjoying fishing in the Gulf, we can’t ignore the plastic.

This was a shared project with sculptor Sam Ireland and mixed media artist, Fran Campbell. The final object was used as a light sculpture in Illlume (a mid-winter Coromandel festival of lights) and then given away to a school and used as part of a wearable art project.

Waste Weave

This work came out of my friendship with weavers in our Maori communities, and my desire to look at the rubbish I threw away and repurpose it or see it anew as a resource for making. This work is made out of Vogels’ bread bags.

Fern Frond

This is a fern print that I made as a part of a larger body of work exploring NZ flora and fauna. I love printmaking; the practical skills involved, the precision, the excitement when you turn the paper over and see the print for the first time.